The Terrifying Outing

   by Lisa Brown for Build A Dream (2014)

I started this project using the bottom of the box and some of the packing peanuts covered in Plaster gauze to make a snowy looking base. I cut the box that the manikin came in to create a sled carrier. I used the square wood lengths to make the skids for the sled adding the wire mesh to make the front runners. I glued the sled carrier onto the skids, added some of the square wood lengths to make the handles. I cut the long circular foam into six pieces and added to them the packing peanuts to make the base for the dogs. I then added the Plastalina clay for the detail of the dogs, put some of the wire in their legs to make them stand firm and added acrylic paint. I used the Plastilina clay to make a baby face with his thumb in his mouth and a man's face with a scared expression. I placed the baby face on the rubber ear. I cut the top half of the plastic egg in half and used it to fatten up the man and positioned him so that he would seem about to fall. I then wrapped the base, the sled, the man, and the baby with the plaster gauze and painted them with acrylics. I used the fabric which I painted red and cut into small strips to make the dog harnesses. I layered the string to become the reins to attach the dogs to one another. Finally, I positioned the dogs looking over the edge of the box (cliff), glued the sled so that it was on an angle about to go over, and then attached the man so that he was just about to fall off the sled.

I loved doing this and will be looking forward to next year's challenge.