The Thinker Dreaming

   by Melody Bonal for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the 8" wooden mannequin with the 1 lb. Van Aken Modeling Clay as "The Thinker" statue. While researching the statue, article said The Thinker is within walking distance from the Eiffel Tower so I used the wire mesh as the frame for the Eiffel Tower. I used the aluminum rod, aluminum wire, 2 wood discs and nylon thread for an abstract art piece I titled "Robots Tear", The plastic egg was inverted and glued and nylon thread was threaded through holes to look like a fuse. The card stock paper was used for the "dream bubble" above the Thinker to give the impression of thinking about different dreams in life. I used the canvas board to draw a Picasso art named "The Dream". I used the 2 12" x .375" square basswood dowels and the 2 12" x .25 square basswood dowels to construct the easel the Picasso is displayed on. The round wood dowel was painted black to represent the orchestra leaders wand. The keyboard was made using the 9" x 12" canvas cloth. The guitar was made using the biodegradable packing peanuts formed around a piece of wire mesh cut to the shape. The strings were applied using the nylon thread and glue. I painted the sea sponge to look like a boulder to lean the guitar against.

I have young grandchildren, ages 2-7, and I try to encourage them to be creative and imaginative by giving them markers, crayons, instruments, clay, etc. Unless they're exposed to something, we'll never know if there's an interest or talent for it. He/she could be another Picasso or Rodin but the dream begins with a vision to build on.