The Time Traveler

   by Pat Stout and Pat Stout/ Kristen Kuk for Build A Dream (2014)

Each piece was constructed from various materials provided in the Mystery Build box. The time machine is the main element of the scene. The pliable appearance was created with the wire mesh as the structure and then layering the plaster pieces gave the appearance of sheet metal. This element is operable, by twisting the knob on the top the time machine, which is created from bending a metal rod and adding a mannequin part on the top. The knob causes the time machine to rotate on a central axis using the base of the wooden mannequin as the central support.
The televisions in the scenes were created from pieces of the cardboard box as the major structure. The television from the past is comprised from pieces of the cardboard box, clay for the screen, wooden mannequin for the legs and the wire mesh for the speakers. The flat screen television from the present was made from pieces of the cardboard box and the plastic to create the sheen of the screen.
Other materials that were used in unique ways were:
- The sponge was picked apart, and the individual pieces were glued to a base to become the rug for the living room set in the past.
- The chairs were created from the cardboard box and clay.
- The plant was created from the wooden mannequin piece as the pot and the leaves were created from strips of paper.
- The wooden mannequin was again used to create an end table in the present living room.
- The wood rods were used to create the sound bar, and shelves in the present living room.
“The Time Traveler” aimed to create an intricate scene that used as many of the provided materials as possible in unexpected ways.

As we brainstormed ideas for the theme ‘Build a Dream,’ we were intrigued on how to construct something people could relate to and how it could change through time. We were reminded from a movie in the late 90’s called Pleasantville. Our generation which was not around during the black and white TV era, only has pictures and old movies to paint a picture in our mind of what it was like. Scenes and stills of colorless depictions make it difficult to imagine a world of color in the 60s. The end result is “The Time Traveler”. The modeled scene is two living rooms, one set in the past and one set in the present, what divides the scene is the time travel machine that is operable and rotates from past to present.
The past is reflected in a black-and-white pallet and the pieces that populate the scene are constructed based on photographs of living rooms from the 1950s and 1960s. The present is reflected in a colorful pallet with pieces you would see in a modern living room today.