The Ultimate Tree House

   by Theresa Graeve for Build A Dream (2014)

I started off by using the box lid as a base and the bottom box as the large tree house. I used the wire mesh to make the large tree and used the packing peanuts to make the model for branches and covered the tree with the plaster cloth wrap. Then I used the Styrofoam rod to make the smaller trees and used the mannequin box as the kids tree house and platform. I covered the smaller tree trunks with thin layers of sponge. I used the wire spool as the support for stairs and bridge. Packing peanuts were flattened and used as wood for the bridge and stairs. the nylon thread was braided and used as support rope in tree house. The card stock was used crumpled up and glued to the trunk as bushes of leaves. The canvas cloth was used as an awning over the large Tree house with the round dowel as support. I used the square dowels to make the railing, awning support poles and ladder. I used plaster cloth wrap to make flag, ladder steps, rock and tire swing (with the help of spooled wire). The Novelty foam Van Gogh Ear began the lounge chair for the mannequin dad. The clay was used to make kids chair, chalk board, world series poster, baseball bat, books, Lamp, pop can and small child. Basically, I used everything in the box except hard canvas board and aluminum rod. Everything was painted with acrylic paint and primed with white spray paint. I used hot glue to attach all items.

I love watching the tree house builders on cable tv. I would love to have the ultimate tree house just to be able to get away to do my writing and art projects. I am a mother of 12 adopted children so I dream big.

Thank you for the fun