The Wandering Artist

   by James Brenke for Build A Dream (2014)

Tempered Hardboard – used for the grass base in front of the camper.
Canvas Cloth – used for the quilt on top of the bed – pattern colored with permanent colored markers.
Wire Mesh – cut down to make stairs entering the camper, paint and brush holders attached to easel for artist, large rectangular piece for the bed, grill grate.
Aluminum Wire Spool – wire frame for artist; wire base for tree limbs; hand rail for stairs into camper; small pieces for paint brushes, spatula, and tongs, sink faucets, nail in tree for sign; base for grill, small table, large table, bench seats; as fasteners for easel.
Nylon Tread – Small piece used for hanging the “Art for Sale” sign.
Plastic Egg – Painted black for grill.
Card Stock Paper – Kitchen cabinets and sink.
Modeling Clay – Artist and wife, two dogs, hamburgers and hot dogs, spatula, ball, tubes of paint, and used to affix metal bases to their respective tops (bench, table, etc.), toilet base.
Canvas Board – Cut into eight pieces and used for the dining room table, miniature paintings, the “Art for Sale” sign and the blank canvases.
Plaster Cloth Wrap – Used for the form of the camper, lawn chair, bedroom pillows.
Styrofoam Rod – Base for the Tree.
Box that Mannequin came in – Cut into four pieces to create the refrigerator, range, microwave and pantry.
Large Square Dowels – One used for levelers for the camper, two small speakers, and the DVD/VCR player.
Small Square Dowels – Makes the easel.
Round Wood Dowel – Levelers for the front of the camper.
Wood Discs – One used for the small table in front of the camper. One used for artist palette.
Novelty Foam Van Gogh Ear – Lobe cut off and used for top of toilet. Top of ear cut and shaped for bathroom sink.
Packing Peanuts – Tree bark and limbs, cushions on couch, bedroom pillows.
Box that everything came in – Top used for base of camper, bottom used for bedroom extension, sides used for couch, walls, bench seats and entertainment center.
Brochure – Cut for inside steps, walls for bathroom.

My wife and I were discussing our retirement plans and this is our dream - to buy a camper and travel the coutry with our dogs, where I can paint on location.

I made everything to scale. If I were to make it over again, I would build the camper first and then the people.