The Witching Hour

   by Laura Revelt for Build A Dream (2014)

Distribution of Materials:

Hardboard- overall structure of the cave that supports the street above, the table in the BFG's cave, and the floor of Sophie's room

Cloth- BFG's clothes, Sophie and her roommate's blankets, curtain in Sophie's room

Wire mesh- the structure of the cave roof

Nylon thread- Sophie's hair

Plastic egg- rock in the cave

Paper- roof of the Tudor houses, for the sketches in the video of Sophie, the chair and glasses, and the dream mist

Clay- shelves of the cave, rocks and surfaces within the cave, the BFG, Sophie, Sophie's roommates and their beds, the trumpet, cobblestones of the street

Canvas- painted shelves of the cave

Plaster cloth- cave walls and wrapped around wire mesh for cave roof

Mannequin- the BFG body

Mannequin box- timber framing of Tudor houses, window frames

Square dowel- structure underneath the street

Peanuts- cobblestones of the street, cave rocks

Aluminum wire- armature of the trumpet, fasteners for tabs that hold the shelves in place

Mystery build box- structure of street and cave, Tudor house structure and facades, dragon beams of houses, doors of houses, sidewalk, window pane and frame of Sophie's window, tabs that hold the shelves in place

Liquids used:

Acrylic paint

Spray paint in the cave

Ink from pens and markers

Water for forming/ melting the peanuts, and hardening the plaster cloth


Hot glue

Craft/wood glue


Paint brushes

X-acto and utility knives

Fettling knife, potter's needle, wooden modeling tool

Metal bending pliers

A black backdrop was used for the photography

"Dreams is very mysterious things. They is floating around in the air like little wispy- misty bubbles. And all the time they is searching for sleeping people." - The BFG (Roald Dahl)

I have always loved Roald Dahl's books, particularly the BFG. It has such an interesting and whimsical view on dreams. Due to my admiration for Quentin Blake's work, I gave the model an illustrated quality by drawing on the materials with markers and gel pens. My goal was to capture the magic that lies within the story.