There is Something Under the Bed

   by Kevin Cope for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the 6x8 canvas board with the plaster cloth material (and box) to construct the bed. I used the foam ear for the Monster's body, the egg for his head, the styrofoam log for legs, and wood mannequin legs for his arms. I then covered and shaped each with clay. I also used packing peanuts for filler.
I used part of the mannequin torso for the boy under the bed. His hair is made from the sea sponge. The bedposts were made from the wood strips and fastened to the bed using the aluminum wire.
I used a light food color dye on the canvas cloth and then painted all items with acrylic paint.

This "Building a Dream" inspiration was based on the very common fear that many children have of a monster hiding under the bed. I flipped the scenario with the Monster being the one who is in bed and has been awoken from a dream. I'm not a trained artist but tried to show that he had an expression of fear on his face while making the subject of his fear, the boy, look mischievous. I work for Disney and wanted to pay homage to their characters by adding an image of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. to the bed sheet.