To the Moon and Beyond

   by Loell Scheufler-Bacon for Build A Dream (2014)

1. Converted box into a shadow box
2. Used box that mannequin was in as part of the rocket making nose cone out of wire mesh and plaster tape. Filled rocket with styrofoam packing pills, the foam tube and steel rod. Nose cone was half of egg
3. Built mermaid wings out of wire mesh and plaster tape
4. Sculpted mermaid parts with wire mesh and plastaline clay

Used saw, glue gun, scissors, exacto knife and pasta machine.

Used box, wood strips, maanequin box, styrofoam tube, steel tube, wire, clay and cut outs from box and the book

The mannequin box and blue easter egg immediately made me think of a rocket.

It was fabulous fun!! I have not had time to be creative for many many years. thanks to my kid sister for the unique and exciting gift for Christmas!!