Touching Imagination

   by Debbie Wang for Build A Dream (2014)

The Cabin:
The body and chimney was made from the cardboard mannequin box. Gesso was used to add texture to the roof and wood from a square basswood dowel was used for the wooden supports of the porch, the fence and the roof. The windows and doorway was painted and then covered with a layer of clear nail polish to add a glass look. Lastly, tempered hardboard was used as the platform of the cabin.

The roots, trunk, and branches of the tree were made from string pulled from the canvas cloth. Each string ran through a clump of glue so that it was able to harden and stiffen and the strings were twisted together. It was then colored using brown dye. The flowers of the tree were made from the Styrofoam rod. It was continuously cut and chopped to become small specs and they were colored. The larger flowers of the tree were also made from the Styrofoam rod. Small squares were rolled into balls, colored and glued on the branches.

Various Plants:
Tall plants found behind the cabin: The stems were made from thinly cut mannequin wood. The leaves were made from card stock paper and colored.
Purple flowers next to cabin: The stems were made from nylon thread dyed green and the flowers are from finely cut Styrofoam.
Red flowers: Card stock paper was dyed red and ripped into small pieces to roll into a ball. They are scattered throughout the grass.
Flowers under the tree: these are colored balls made from the Styrofoam rod.

Vines: String pulled from the canvas cloth was pulled through a clump of glue and dyed green. They were dipped in a glue-water mixture and then dipped in colored sawdust to add texture.

Grass: This was made from finely chopped sea sponge which was dyed green.
Rocks: These, found throughout the grass are scraps of wood discs.

Rocking chair, stepping stones, mailbox: These were all made from the square basswood dowel.

Well: The stone walls were from a wood disc while the supports for the roof was made from square basswood dowel. The roof was made from card stock paper that was layered on top of each other to create the effect of tiles. Nylon thread was used for the rope tied around the arm on the well.

The Creature:
It's amateur was made from the wire mesh, aluminum wire spool and plaster cloth wrap. It was then covered in colored modeling clay and scales were added. It's eyes are screws from the mannequin and its teeth are triangles cut from the Styrofoam rod and glue to a nylon thread to maintain special order. It's tongue was from red modeling clay mixed with sawdust from the tempered hardboard to add more texture. Small indentations were applied and some colored black to give even more texture. The tongue was then covered in a layer of clear nail polish. Its claws and spikes are made from sanded basswood dowels. The branches running down the creatures back are made similar to the tree. The leaves atop the creature are made from card stock and its veins are made more pronounced using dyed nylon thread. The stump underneath the grass was made from novelty foam and its large roots were made from plaster cloth and modeling clay. The moss on the creature and the roof of the cabin is colored sawdust from the basswood dowels.

The Girl:
Her aluminum wire amateur was covered in a packing peanut-water mixture. After drying it was sanded appropriately. Modeling clay was used. Her eyes were made from the outside of the novelty foam ear and painted white and then clear nail polish was applied. Here iris and pupil was then applied and this was glued into her eye sockets. Her shoelaces are made from nylon thread and a needle was run through her hair to give texture.

Canvas board:
This was made from the mystery build box and lid. They were glued together and at the middle and the canvas board was glued to the top flaps to keep them from drooping. (scotch tape originally used to hold the canvas board down was mistakenly left on during the video. My apologies!) The board was then spray painted.

Grass field:
The grassy field on which the creature and the girl are standing on were made from cup tempered hardboard. Each piece was sanded and different colored modeling clay was applied. The clay was scraped with a needle tool to give a grassy look and texture.

After much pondering about the prompt 'build a dream', I woke up one morning with a dream similar to what I have created. I was walking through the outdoors and found myself looking at a large venasaur. Suddenly I was viewing another person looking at the venasaur. She reached out to touch it and then I woke. The background of my art piece was used to give it a more dreamy feel. I did not want to exactly create a venasaur so I improvised and placed a garden and someone's home on its back. Thus this planet may be inhabited by smaller beings who have adapted to living on larger creatures for the luxuries of safety or convenience. Furthermore I also find small gardens beautiful and elegant. The girl is wearing a yellow dress making her princess-like and I did this because I like the contrast between light and dark as also shown in the cosmic background.