Tree Top Studio

   by Amber Blackwood for Build A Dream (2014)

techniques and tools:
I wrapped wire using jewelers round nose pliers, I coiled the modeling clay to add texture to the sculpture, I used an oil based paint pen to write and draw on the canvas.
materials used:
I used the artist's mannequin, the wire and plastic reel the wire was wound onto, the foam dowel, w square dowels, modeling clay, wire mesh, masonite board, canvas, and plaster caste material.
elements of project:
wire reel, foam dowel, wire, and modeling clay were used to make the base for the tree top studio
plaster caste material was used to add strength to the "tree" and keep the signage on the top.
The wire mesh was molded into a hand shape and added to the top of the sculpture.
The mannequin and square dowel was used at the base of the sculpture.

Two summers ago my grandchildren and I built a small tree house in my back yard. I have always loved climbing trees and have spent hours watching the activities of tree dwelling animals in my yard. My dream is to one day retire and build an art studio tree house. I will call it "tree top studio". This is my inspiration.

Thank you for reigniting my dream!