Tylenol vs. Man

   by Elizabeth Goff for Build A Dream (2014)

I took part the wooden man and kept the screws. I glued the man back together but cut his height in half. I then covered him in clay and painted. I used the box everything came in to have a sort of hospital room. I painted the wall. I used the small canvas to make the bed I ended up cutting it in half and having only two legs. I made a mattress from clay and a pillow I folded the fabric we got and made a blanket. I cut a piece of the styrofoam tube and glued it between the plastic egg and then wrapped it with the metal mesh and used the plaster that came in the kit and covered it to get the pill/tylenol. I used the solder for arms.

A dream a friend had while sick. She had nightmares about a giant tylenol chasing her yelling "Take Me"