Up Up And Around The World

   by Andrea JNA Letter and Jonah, Naomi, Amber for Build A Dream (2014)

We started with the idea of making a brain with the plastic egg, clay, and acrylic paint. Then we used an apple to form a sphere for the earth out of the wire mesh and covered it with plaster cloth. For the base, the small canvas board and on that clay was used to make an eye, nose, and mouth. The foam ear was also used in the area. The box that materials came in was used for the background with painted scenery. The mannequin was painted and has clay for hair. The spool of thread was made into a pulley attached to the snake. Acrylic paint was used to color objects.

This group of students combined their ideas with the following inspirations:
They looked at their own futures and hopes.
"I would like to study the moon and have it crash into the earth without damage."
"The inspiration for the background was amber's dream to become a balloon pilot. Her family has a balloon she is named after and her dad is a pilot."
"The snake was inspired by Jonah's love for reptiles. The man is representing humans and possibilities."

This project was given as a class art and science project. These are students aged 10-11.

There were ideas that did not work. A spiral cyclone that was removed.