Vincent's Dream

   by Sharron Parker for Build A Dream (2014)

Ear and Stand: The foam ear was hollowed out with curved scissors. A wire hook was threaded from inside through the top of the ear. The stand began with the mannequin's stand, to which wire and plaster cloth wrap were added. More wire and plaster cloth were added, and then it was painted. The plastic wings were then folded and inserted into the ear.

Wings: Both the canvas cloth and the plastic bag holding the packing peanuts were spray-painted black. The moth shape was cut out from each. Both were then painted with acrylic paint. Nylon thread was sewn into the canvas wing piece, and painted black, for attachment to the person and the flying rods.

Flying person: The mannequin's hands were carved with a hacksaw, and eyes and nose drilled slightly. Plaster cloth was applied for clothing and then painted. One pair of wing threads was wrapped around the flier's waist, tied, and painted again. Two square dowels were drilled on one end and painted black. The remaining thread from the wings was attached to the rods, so that they could suspend the flier in air and cause the wings to open and close. Photographs of the ear and flight were taken from my windowsill at night.

The theme of a dream made me think of nighttime, and flying. Since I love butterflies and moths, I chose the Sunset Moth from Madagascar. And the ear seemed, in the crazy way of dreams, to be an ideal cocoon.