Vincent's Dream of Atlas

   by Aaron Board and Aaron Board and Lilah Board for Build A Dream (2014)

The masonite was cut to a more "organic" shape. Aaron glued the armature/mannikin and rigging mechanisms (foam rod and wood) to the masonite board. Lilah glued packing peanuts to the masonite to create the filling for the mountain. Lilah covered the peanuts with the papier mache to create the surface and texture of the mountain. Aaron applied clay to the mannikin and sculpted the figure over it. The ear was epoxied to the exposed wooden hands of the mannikin. The ear and the mountain were painted with acrylic to match the color of the plastilina.

Seeing the proportion of the ear next to the mannikin was the spark. The idea was further solidified by the fact that the clay was plastilina and would not take paint very well, so we went with the Greek statuary theme in order to justify working in a monochromatic theme that matched the color of the clay.

Daddy-daughter time!