Walt Disney's Dream

   by Alexa Booras for Build A Dream (2014)

My project began with a desire to recreate Walt Disney’s dream: a place where people of all ages could enjoy themselves. I eventually decided to build three of the original rides: Dumbo The Flying Elephant, The Mad Hatter Tea Cups, and King Arthur’s Carousal.
Dumbo began with a base made from the cardboard box, egg, rubber band and wire. The base was then covered in clay and decorations cut from the instruction manual were added. Holes were drilled into the base of the manikin. The aluminum rod was sawed and glued to the holes. The Dumbos were made from rolled out packing peanuts stuck together with water. The Dumbos were then covered with oil pastels to give them color.
The teacups were made using the plaster cloth. The round wooden rod was also used. The door is connected to the cup by wire. The steering wheel was attached to the saucer by drilling a hole in the wooden rod, putting the wire through it, and using plaster cloth to connect it to the saucer. The sign was made from string glued together and then glued onto the instruction manual.
The carousal was made with the wooden rods and wire attached to the styrofoam cylinder. The base is the empty wire spool. The pictures were made from the front of the canvas, which had been cut off the cardboard. They were attached to wire that was glued to the cylinder. The bench was made from the cardboard box. The cloth was cut up and used as the top of the carousal. The face of Mickey Mouse was painted on. When viewed from above the carousal acts as the face and the other two rides act as the ears.
The characters and horses were made using the clay. Molds were made from silicone and cornstarch. All the characters required a certain amount of sculpting and cleaning up, especially small parts like legs. Walt Disney was sculpted by hand with a wire armature. The base was constructed from the cardboard box cut up and glued together along with the cardboard from the canvas and the wooden board. The bridge was made from the manikin box. The sides were then covered in clay to make the bricks. The bench was made from the cardboard box. The ducks were sculpted from clay. The original Disneyland sign was made from the cardboard box and wire.

I chose to interpret this year’s theme as someone’s vision for the future. My project was first inspired by a trip to Disneyland where I saw the result of Walt Disney’s hopes, plans, and dreams for his park.