Walt's Dream

   by Michelle Stunkard for Build A Dream (2014)

Base: Box that materials came in painted with acrylic.

Pluto: Bed is Van Gogh ear; dog is clay. Both painted with acrylic and paint pen for design.

Bed: Mannequin box as a base; wooden dowels as headboard and footboard (cut with saw). Footboard dowels used as support for dream scene. Held together with hot glue.

Bedding: Pillow is canvas with sponge inside. Held together with hot glue. Painted in acrylic. Bedspread is canvas hemmed by hot glue and painted in acrylic.

Walt: Mannequin as a base. Head, hands and chest formed from clay. PJs made from canvas and hot glue. He's hot glued in place and bedspread is glued to bed. Painted with acrylic.

Mickey: Clay covered with acrylic paint and clear finger nail polish.

Cats: Clay and acrylic paint.

Doc and Grumpy: Clay covering the wooden dowel support. Painted with acrylic. (holding packing peanut.

Tigger: Clay covering other dowel support. Painted with acrylic with packing peanuts filling in various places with hot glue attachment.

Dresser: Used to cover styrofoam support rod. Parts of the box were cut up to make the shape and glued onto the rod. It's then covered in plaster cloth and painted with acrylic. Handles and nobs made from wire and clay.

Dumbo: Clay covering styrofoam rod, painted with acrylic.

Dream base: Hardboard cut into shape with jigsaw and painted with acrylic and covered with packing peanuts (also painted). Used elmer's glue to hold them together.

Monorail: Metal rod bent into shape. Train is made from card stock glued into place and painted with acrylic.

Castle: Turret has a base of the mannequin's stand, top of easter egg and wire. Wire, cut up materials box and hot glue make up the rest. Structure is covered in plaster cloth, accents are card stock and clay (turret tops) and painted with acrylic.

Epcot ball: bottom of easter egg with wire legs. All of it was then covered with plaster cloth and wire mesh for texture. Painted with acrylic.

Tinkerbell: Wire figure covered in clay; painted with acrylic. Wings were cut from plaster cloth wrapper.

Magic dust: painted wire mesh wrapped around Tink's wand.

Walt Disney and his dreams of Disneyland and Disney World.