"What Dreams May Come" a tribute to Robin Williams

   by Barbra Lair for Build A Dream (2014)

The first thing that popped into my head when I read the theme was 'What Dreams May Come', a tribute to Robin Williams.
I proceeded firstly to use the packing peanuts and the wooden mannequin to create a larger than life Robin Williams. I then went on to use the tempered hardboard and plaster cloth to create the ground and fanned a piece of cardboard to make a form to make the plaster cloth steps that lead up to the building. I then put the two sides of the box that everything came in and then used the box that the wooden doll came in for the top of the building and painted the canvas for the front of the building. After painting the building I proceeded to finish the ground with the plaster cloth.
After painting the background on the box, I created the large pot that holds a lot of flowers with the plaster cloth and used the plastic egg inside to create the flowers over the egg with the Modeling Clay. I used the plaster cloth to go around the wooden square dowels to create the pillars. I then used the wire to create the vines around the pillars and across the top of the upper building. I went on to paint the ground and the stone walkway. I created all of the flowers, including up the vines and the grape vines across the top of the building and all of the rocks with the modeling clay. I also used the modeling clay to make the bird and horse statues. The base of the bird statue and the horse statue was a piece of the foam pillars I had cut off. A wooden disc over the foam pillar was used for the horse statue. I used the other wooden disc and bent the wire to make the table and also used the wire and the plaster cloth to make the chairs.
The sea sponge was used to make the small tree (along with the modeling clay) as well as the bush in front of the building. I used the modeling clay to make each brick to create the small stone wall in front of the building. I used the tall foam and carved the top of it and used the plaster cloth to create the huge green tree next to the title.
The card stock paper was used to paint the door that is inset into the building. I then painted the title 'What Dreams May Come' a tribute to Robin Williams on the box and used another square dowel to create the final pillar. I painted a stone patio on the grounds for the table and chairs to sit on.
I then went on to finish the mannequin. I painted on his suit and with the modeling clay created and painted his face.

As soon as I saw the Build a Dream theme the first thing that came to me was a tribute to an obscure movie by Robin Williams