Whats jumping in to your dreams

   by Billie-Joyce Hatzidakis for Build A Dream (2014)

The base for the project was made with the small canvas and some of the cardboard from the box. The staircase was made of the metal rod flattened and twisted and the board cut in to half and then strips. The majority of the characters, the rabbit, the sheep/spider and the tree were all made in a similar fashion. The sheep started with the sponge, the rabbit with the egg and the tree with the styrofoam. For all wire was added and then they were built up with the plaster clothe. After being built the were all sanded. The snake is made entirely out of the plastasin. Lastly the person of sorts was made out of some spare manikan parts and the ear. They had been left on my table and I liked the way they looked together so I glued them the way I found them. Once the pieces were built the were all painted with acrylic paint, mostly colors straight from the tubes. All the characters were also sprayed with krylon clear for a shinier finish. lastly all of the pieces were put in to one artwork with the use of hot glue, a lot of hot glue.

I thought first of all the different types of dreams scary, happy sad etc. That brought to mind the strange quality that often exists in dreams. Also how many times things, that in a normal state would not be associated suddenly are. I decided to base my project on this strange surreal feeling that dreams have. So I started by creating characters that at first appear friendly, sweet or happy but also seem to have another perhaps darker side. Then I arranged the various characters around a swirling floor as if they were jumping in to the hole, or jumping in to a dream someone is having.

I am a high school art teacher and part time artist. When I found this project, last year I told my students about it and a few entered on their own. They seemed to enjoy doing the challenge so I decided to have my class do the challenge as small group projects this year. As I was explaining to the class what they were going to do, they told me I needed to do one too. So I created mine in class alongside the students.