While You Were Sleeping

   by Sydnee Davidson for Build A Dream (2014)

I used almost all of the materials in the kit, except for the metal rod, canvas board, and ear.

For the flying saucer I used the plaster fabric and half of the plastic egg. It is elevated with aluminum wire that is covered in cellophane from the packaging.

The bed/stretching device is made of the square and circle sticks, chip board from the wood figure box, paper card stock, compressed board, and aluminum wire. The blanket is canvas, the figure in the bed was made with aluminum wire, peanuts, and nylon thread (hair). The rug under the bed is canvas.

The dresser/dream machine was made with compressed board, square stick, base of wood figure (wheel), chip board from wood figure box, metal mesh, nylon thread (wires), and a section of the plastic egg for the helmet.

The "fat-cuum" used pieces from the styrofoam cylinder, pieces of natural sponge (fat), round wood rod (wheels), aluminum wire, cellophane, and some wax clay (bulge).

The alien is the wood figure with some added wax clay.

The base is half of the kit box.

Elmer's glue, marker, white ink pen, acrylic paints, and glow in the dark paint was also used.

When I saw that the theme was "Build a Dream" it made me wonder how dreams are made. This somehow transported my to my younger self when it fascinated me how when you woke up, you were also also taller and lighter than when you went to sleep. So what goes on while you're sleeping? Maybe aliens come down from space and give you dreams while they vacuum your fat out and stretch your body. Why aliens? Because they're one of my biggest fears and for all anyone knows, they visit us regularly and erase our minds before they leave.