"Will It Always Just Be a Dream?"

   by Karen Ross for Build A Dream (2014)

I began my project by painting the box and using it as the stage for my project. I used the wire mesh to form a round ball, filling with the wet packing peanuts to hold it's shape. I then used the plaster cloth wrap around the mesh molding. After drawing I painted it green and red to symbolize the earth. I used the hardboard on the back of the box for reinforcement. The box from the wooden manikin was painted blue with the word 'peace' on it, it served as a base for my planet earth. I wired the earth in place and painted a large peace sign covering the earth. The canvas board was painted and the title "Will It Always Just Be A Dream" was added. Modeling clay was used to form the heads and upper bodies of my five peacemakers (Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, and Mother Teresa). I used the wooden manikin for Lincoln's body adding clay for the clothing. The other four peacemakers were created with the aluminum wire and spool, novelty ear, plastic egg, cut wooden dowels, and the Styrofoam rod. These items were used in lieu of clay since i did not have enough. I then painted all five peacemakers with acrylic paint. I used the canvas cloth as clothing and all were secured in the box. The card stock paper was cut into a cloud shape and glued to the box.

The inspiration for my project was Dr. King's speech "I have a Dream" I have always been a peacemaker myself, and wanted to depict my favorite peacemakers looking over the earth. I wanted to make them smiling and high-fiving, that their dreams of peace on earth was coming true. Unfortunately we're not there yet adding more to the 'dream' idea of the project and the title (Will it always just be a Dream) I hope and pray in my lifetime it will become a reality.