Yellow Submarine

   by Kathy White for Build A Dream (2014)

For this project I tried to use as many of the materials provided as possible. Many of the sculptures and figures in my project were constructed using the modeling clay provided in the kit this proved difficult sense this clay doesn't dry. My mermaid was built using the drawing mannequin as a base because I felt having the mannequin, as it’s skeleton would make it strong enough to stand on its own and help in conserving clay to create other things. Like my giant squids tentacles and face, my sub’s periscope, the shark, fish and other sea creatures I have throughout.
The sea floor was made out of the plaster cloth included in the kit. The seaweed and sea anemones are made from the sheet of paper in the kit. Painting the sponge created the sea fans and table coral. The submarine is the painted egg, the rocks are painted packing peanuts, and the anchor is bent wire painted clay and packing peanuts. The base is the box cut up and painted and the water is the clear plastic my box had around it painted to resemble waves. Everything is held together using hot glue.

The inspiration for this project started with the theme: Build A Dream. This made my mind race with possibilities; I was like what is my dream? I started thinking back to some of my first dreams as a child and one of those as you can see from my project was to be a mermaid. Something silly and whimsical like children do. But that was my dream for this project and that’s what I created with the smorgasbord of materials presented within the MysteryBuild box. The yellow submarine being attacked by a giant squid was created from my current obsession with 60’s and 70’s music; also my mermaid needed something to entertain her.

I had so much fun doing this project it really got my created juices flowing when I needed to do my other art projects. I recommend everyone do this at least once, it was a creative relief to have just the materials, a theme, and just a few rules to work with.