Yes, I will

   by Kathy Steere and n/a for Build A Dream (2014)

The idea for "Yes, I will" was formulated before I saw the contents of the kit. I was very pleased to see the mannequin so I didn't have to form a figure. She is "dressed" in clay and painted with tube acrylics. The red dress is plaster on top of the formed sheet of wire mesh. Acrylic paint and corn starch peanuts finish it off. The easel and "painting" are not disguised at all. The rubber band and a length of solder hold the easel together. (The string kept untying itself.) The "coulda, woulda, shoulda" discards are cut from the mannequin box.

Build a dream then turn it into a goal. I can't turn back the clock and be young again, but...
Yes, I will be healthy thin. When I am, Yes, I will put purple in my white hair. And, Yes, I will wear outrageous age-inappropriate clothing - in public. Yes, I will embrace my creative self and Yes, I will live my life.
Yes, I will live MY life.

Yes, I will order the 2015 Mystery Build box. Yes, I will start it before October. Yes, I will see if my quality of construction improves with the third year. Otherwise, Yes, I will pursue other creative outlets.
(But this is really fun!)