balloon safari

   by kay merrill for Build A Dream (2014)

I scribbled a bunch of ideas down, then I drew out a bunch of ideas. I used a needle to sew my balloon, and glue to attach everything together. I still had lots of stuff left, I don't know if that is good or bad but I couldn't find any where to use all of them in my idea. I used a small bit of the plaster cloth, and that was the first time I ever even held the stuff, I used it to wrap the wire hanger that the balloon hangs from, and I also used a strip around the dowels I put together. I cut the metal rod that the manikin stood on into one inch pieces and inserted them into the dowels to connect them, and some glue. I used the canvas to make my balloon and of course I added paint to everything. I used the packing peanuts and a wire form to make my lil guy, I learned a new thing, who knew? I used the bottom of the manikin box for my balloon basket and punched some holes in it to insert the wire thru. The styrofoam rod was used as a core armature for my elephant. The plastic egg I covered with clay to make rocks, I used the paper to make the grass.

well after coming up with a million ideas, I had to choose just my own dream is what I chose, I always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride and I have always wanted to go on a I just combined the two..A balloon safari would be the best.

I enjoyed the challenge and look forward to 2015