mystery forest

   by rosie sanchez and Alyssa, Jacob for Build A Dream (2014)

we used for our base of our project the box that our supplies came in. then we use the four wood planks as the base for the trees, for the texture on the trees we put the packing peanuts an painted over them three times each with different colors. in the base of our projects we cut a hole into it an used wire mesh to make a pond. them used plastered over it on both sides. also we laid plastic down into it after it dried. after that was finished we put our clay over it to hold it in place. next we used our wire to make branches an for our structure for the top of the trees. next we put plaster over the top of trees. later when dried we painted it with a dark green. using the left over plaster we made two small bushes and also used the sponge for a rock. we painted the two bushes a darkish green and the sponge a deep gray as for our two people we used wire to make the women an used cloth to cover her. for the man we used the manikin for the man and put clay over him an painted the clay a light gray. lastly we painted the box a dark mossy green with a mud brown

the inspiration for our project was a guy looking for the girl of his dreams. we made him looking for his mystery girl in a dark forest. instead of looking for her in large cities and towns we had him embark on a journey into the forest to find his one true love. an thats our inspiration for our dream