perhaps they'll listen now

   by Susan Mae Hull and jamison mae treger, elias treger for Build A Dream (2014)

we glued the shipping box pieces together; we sprayed the surface gold; we painted the canvas cloth with the sky scene; we surfaced the tempered hardboard & painted our version of van gogh's "starry night"; we built a scaffold for the canvas from the square dowels, with a cross bar from the round wood dowel; and an easel for the mannequin, who we named "vincent", from the other square dowels - all of which we inserted into the gold base through holes we carved with an exacto knife; we painted vincent's pallet from the wood disc & mounted it on the wooden mannequin; we glued vincent to the golden platform we had created earlier; we cut & sculpted the wire mesh into steps, which we pushed into the styrofoam rod; we sculpted our "star placers" from the van amen modeling clay, formed arms & legs from the aluminum wire & inserted them into the clay; we cut & painted stars from the card stock & attached them to the arms of the "star placers"; we mounted the "placers" on the mesh steps & glued the van gogh "ear" to the top of the mounting stairs, lettered with the quote "perhaps they'll listen now" from the song by don mclean, "starry starry night".

the "ear spoke" to me.
i immediately envisioned poor, crazy vincent van gogh seeing the sky in his special way, with the help of a few friends building a scene straight out of a dream.

i REALLY enjoyed working on this project with my grandchildren.