sweet dream

   by Karen Mozee for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the wire, peanut foam to make the amateur of the woman. Modeling clay was used for the face, hair, and hands. The top was made using the canvas that was in the box. I cut it and sewed it with the thread from the box. For the sleeves I used plaster and placed over cups to make it round. The skirt I took the mesh wire and bent it into waves and placed plaster on to and let it dry. I placed the plaster pieces around the waist, sewed it together with the thread, to make a wavy skirt. I painted and sculpted the face using Manga style. Flowers were painted on to the canvas of the top , and the hair was twisted to create a flow. Everything was painted with acrylic paint.
The ice cream was made with wire mesh form into a ball and plaster put over it and dried. The bowl was made from plaster over a bowl and dried into shape. Modeling clay was used for the round candies. The stick was cut in half and used. And last, the whip cream was made from peanut foam, and everything was painted with acrylic paint.

My inspiration was a sundae. I wanted to make a huge sundae with the woman going to eat it.

This is my first mysterybuild I learn a lot for next time.