the dream of being an artist

   by Holly Fuller for Build A Dream (2014)

project base - Mystery Build box

tree – Wire frame, plaster cloth wrap plus paint and packing peanut leaves.

car – Lower part of the box and part of the booklet, windshield frame made with square basswood dowel, cut in quarters lengthwise. Tires are clay melted and poured into a mold, attached to aluminum rod axles, wire mesh and plaster wrap horn, round wooden dowel carved for headlights. The crank on the car is wire. Bumpers and license plates were made with card stock paper. The grille on the car was made with the wire mesh. Gas cap was made with a slice of round dowel.

dog – Carved from Styrofoam dowel, then covered with sea sponge and painted.

artist (Robert Genn) – Wooden mannequin with clay molded face, hat and hands. Canvas used for clothes, the palette is made of painted cardboard. Clay details were carved with a toothpick.

rocks – painted clay

art supplies – painted clay

paint brushes – wire with sea sponge for the brush

palm shrubberies – painted plastic wrap from the box, cut into circular starbursts and pinched in the middle to look like bushes

hollyhocks – wire stems with packing peanuts for leaves and flowers. Flowers were created by pinching the packing peanut flat, then pinching to form a flower.

easel – Basswood dowel cut in quarters lengthwise, with a chain made from wire mesh. The painting is printed on card stock paper and glued to canvas board. Easel is jointed at the top using nylon thread for mobility.

scenery – The berm under the tree is made from Vincent’s ear covered with wire mesh, then plaster cloth wrap. Gravel and plants made from packing peanuts. Road base and ground is landscaped with clay, and painted. Bits of painted packing peanuts are used for texture.

Robert Genn was a Canadian artist whose letters published on the Painter’s Keys website have inspired me for years. He captured the dream of being an artist, so I decided to capture a moment in his life with the contents of the Mystery Build box. In this captured moment he is depicted in a plein air painting session, with his dog patiently waiting in his 1926 Austin Chummy. On the easel is his painting, “Hollyhock at Hollyhock II, Cortes Island”.