An ultimate time machine

   by Erika Bruss for Somewhere in Time (2015)

To make the time machine, I used the box and popsicle sticks for support, sculpey clay for the wheels, steering wheels, engine and side mirrors. The seat were carved out of the balsa-foam block. The windows, headlight and backup lights were made with the shrink film. The small round dowel was used for axels and exhaust pipes. The string from the cloth bag, I used as hoses on the car and engine and the flux capacitor. The cardboard mirror was used for the side mirror and the dash was painting board. The street was made from box and the clock tower was painted on paper. The street light was made from large dowel, wood beehive, bowl, half ball. The wire from street light to clock was made from burlap deconstructed glued and painted. The flames were made from shrink film colored with marker.

When I thought of "somewhere in time" I thought of a time machine. Then, I thought of the ultimate time machine, and I started building the car. I wanted to put as much detail as I could think of. I really had fun!

This was really challenging, it helped me to think differently. I usually make art and think, " what will I need to make it" with this contest you have to think," I have these material how can I use them to make what I want. Very Inspiring!