Art Newbie

   by Terri Holley for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I started with the wooden circle and cut it in half. I then took the foam pad and cut it to match half of the wooden circle then glued the two together. I then attached the other half of the wooden circle to the bottom. To add dimension to the cave wall, I pulled cotton balls apart and glued them onto the foam. Next, I took the muslin bag apart and glued it over the cotton balls and foam. This was painted to look like a cave wall. Clay was also added to cover overlapping material and to add dimension.
For additional features of the "cave", I took the two styrofoam discs, broke one of them in half, pressed them to mold the edges making them less uniform, then covered them with clay. I also did the same with the small wooden pieces - the egg was used to make a stalagmite, the bead and half sphere were used to make rocks, the barrel made a support for the bowl. In addition, the bowl was covered to look like it was made from clay, and the ring was used to make a rock formation similar to ones I've seen in Arizona.
For the Mammoth, I carved a block of wood using a Dremel tool, painted it, then added fibers taken from the burlap and some sawdust to make the hair. This was also painted. For the cave painting, I used the shrink plastic, drew a mammoth onto it with colored pencil and baked it on low heat. I then attached it to the "cave" wall with glue.
The Artist was constructed from a wire frame and Premo Sculpey clay. The brush was made from a sliver of one of the pieces of hardwood and bristles were made from burlap fiber.
The "cave wall" was glued to prepared painting board which was painted to match the "cave wall" and the rock formations. Once the glue had dried, more clay was used to smooth the transition from the wooden circle to the painting board. It was also used to add further dimension to the cave floor.

It was difficult to choose a specific time period, until I started thinking about how artists and their art got to this point in time. Cave paintings are the earliest know examples of art and some of the most interesting in my opinion. Someone had to get the boulder rolling in the art field so to speak, and our fellow prehistoric artists were up for the challenge, back in the day. Their works of art continue to impress and inspire artists today and even though it seems quite ancient to us, it was a brand new experience for them. Go cavemen!