Atlantis 3015

   by Joe Arch and Nicole and Joe Jr. for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Using the box as a base, we arranged the wooden blocks, which we had cut up, as buildings. We also used more materials like the Styrofoam discs for other structures. We painted the base blue and used the instructions as a backdrop. We then used the foam to create a water fall and attached it to the backdrop with two halves of the plywood disc. We also added a dam (originally the moldable metallic strip, but later switched to the aluminum bar) with foam "water" inside. Next, we removed the backdrop and painted it. We also painted and glued down the buildings. We created a water effect by using a mixture of black, blue, and green paint on the base and the foam, and then coated it with modge podge. To make mist in the waterfall we just added cotton ball wisps. We also used metallic paint and clay on our buildings, along with other trinkets from the kit to add detail. On the dam we made mini waterfalls with the moldable metallic strip and clay.

Our inspiration was what the world would look like in 3015. We wondered what would happen if Atlantis, a city lost to the sea many years ago, were to resurface. We drew on elements from our imagination of a futuristic city as well as from our knowledge of myths and ancient dwellings such as Machu Pichu ( which Joe Jr. coincidentally went to visit over the summer).

Though we are amateur artists, mystery build has been a great experience for us as students, and we feel that we have learned and progressed a lot by participating. Thank you!