Brain Bureau

   by Mary Yezek and Nick Roth video editing for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Boxes for the kit and the clay used for the walls. Foam used to make plant and people. Clay used to make brains and mouse, shoes. Paper punch, crochet hook, glue, paint.

Video collage shows the work in a chronological order to the finished project. Images assembled with Premier Pro.

I read lots of science fiction and as I get older and notice my mind slowing down, I wish there was a place to revitalize my brain and mind. At some distant point in time, the Brain Bureau will tend to the needs of the mind in a similar fashion to how a modern day spa tends to the needs of the body.

A way to help remember those things we start forgetting, not just where we left our keys, but also all those precious memories of our families and the good times thru the years. It is also a way to help with items on a person's bucket list which they never got a chance to do, like learn a new language.

"Special for new members, free phrenology session and one upgrade of creativity, knowledge absorption or memorial retrieval.