Caught Somewhere In Time

   by Jennifer George and Talina Hagler for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I used the Mystery Build box for the background. The white paper was used to make the sharp corners of the box a little more rounded, cut three strips and attached them with Hodge Podge glue, then painted the entire box with white crafting paint. Blue glitter glue was used as background color.

The large wood circle was sanded, then I drew the musical sheet music & notes (first with pencil then with magenta Sharpie). It was attached to the back of the background by using a piece of hammered flat aluminum wire, that was secured to the circle by using the Popsicle sticks & wood glue.

The 3-D triangle was made with hammered flat aluminum wire, which was bent with pliers, then joined together using the white thread from the bobbin. I then used strips/strings ( some were spray painted silver) from the burlap to wrap the entire piece. Using the same bobbin thread, I attached the steel ball to the center by wrapping it apprx 6 times then using a touch of wood glue to hold it in place on the center of the ball. This was perched on top of the cardboard mirror, which was on top of smaller basswood block.

The head was constructed from the foam pad (which I cut in half with a kitchen knife), used a pair of scissors to cut it into the head shape, then sprayed it with silver metallic spray paint. The hair was created by using the EZ Shape modeling clay, mixing various colors together (by rolling them into a ball, then long ways on my flat work surface) until I achieved the cooling looking color patterns. They were first coated with approx 15-20 layers of Hodge Podge glue to harden & shape them, then attached to the head using spray adhesive. Another 10 coats of the Hodge Podge glue was used to assure that the hair strands would stay in the air, and to make sure it had a killer shine to it! I'd have to say that making the head/ hair were by far the most favorite & fun part of my project!
Using the left over aluminum, I inserted the head (which had one of the square hardwood strips that I sanded circular) into the center of it. I attached the entire piece into the two Styrofoam discs (which were cut in two), which were then covered with the EZ shape clay and the blue glitter paint.

The "floating clouds / fog" were made with the three cotton balls and I topped them off by using ground up (put it into a plastic bag and used a hammer) Balsam block.

The "Believe In Time Travel Through Music" lettering was done with a black Sharpie marker, green & blue metallic Sharpie paint pen.

The first thing that JUMPED into my head when I heard the theme, were two songs.
I believe that everyone has the ability to travel through time. Music has the capability to high jack our perception of time, the ability (while combing memory & sensory) to transport us to the past, reflect our present, and even take us away to somewhere in the future.
Time can fly by or stand still, depending on how / what it is you use to measure it.

This was our first project with Mystery Build, and we can't wait to participate in the 2016 project!