Clockwork Kitty and the Sands of Time

   by Renee Schwartz for Somewhere in Time (2015)

The eye shadows are made by quilling strips of paper into eye shapes, and then gluing them onto the sheet of shrinky dink plastic. I shined a flashlight through them, towards my drapes in the living room, and moved it around. The moon is the mirror circle. 3 pyramids made from box ~ Sphinx body/face made from box and wood disk, legs are foam and popsicle sticks. Large gear painted on backside of disk. Gears/flowers made from Premo clay. Garden/Sphinx entryway made from balsa foam block. Fence is clay and strips of cardboard from box. Cat is small wood pieces, clothes pin, aluminum wire and cotton ball soaked in tea. Beetle is gold plastic strip, wings are gold plastic strip, embossed with gears, the legs are shrinky dink. Camels are clay over canvas, backed by styrofoam. Palm trees are wood sticks and burlap. Egyptian Benu Bird is clay over thin foam sheet, backed by aluminum wire for holding shape. He is supported by a block of wood at the base, and the thickest wood stick, on top. Held together by glue and aluminum wire, covered in clay.
Clock background is painted on cardboard from box. Gears stamped, black and gold extras added, Clock face is painted on small canvas board, hands are made from gold plastic strip, and held on by a ball of clay, with string going through the back, so hands can move.

My cat, Mojo.
The beetle is in charge of building things in time. And he is in control of time. He can stop it, whenever he wants to. Either the Sphinx is dreaming about what it would be like to be a 'real' cat, or Mojo is dreaming about following a beetle to Egypt. I'm not sure... You'd have to find out from the beetle.