Death is Patient

   by Steven Daniel for Somewhere in Time (2015)

--- Tools used – Xacto blades, files, orbital sander, Dremel, acrylic paints, airbrush, paint brushes, clay tools, oven to set Premo!, scroll saw, drill press, table saw, bandsaw, miter saw, jeweler’s hammer.

-- Carousel
- Cut and shaped the basswood blocks to form the carousel base. Plywood disc cut for the horse platform and canopy supports. Delaminated parts of the MysteryBuild box and used thin corrugated cardboard inside for canopy. Used delaminated outer cardboard for carousel skirt. Foam sheet cut and used for upper and lower carousel trim decoration. Cardboard mirror cut and used as carousel canopy decoration. Wood craft sticks used for vertical columns. Round dowel used for main canopy column.

-- Horses
- Cut remaining basswood and cut out horse bodies using scroll saw. Cut lengths of aluminum wire for hand and foot pegs. Wood craft sticks used for horse stand supports.

-- Horsemen
- Aluminum wire used for main spines. Premo! used for structural pieces for skeletons. EZ Shape modeling clay used for non-structural parts (mainly used to fill in Death’s body).

-- Weapons
- Hammered length of aluminum wire for Victory’s bow. Thread used for bowstring. Aluminum wire hammered for War’s sword. Aluminum bar cut using Dremel for Death’s scythe blade; further shaped with files and sandpaper. Square hardwood strip used for scythe handle. Cotton ball and Premo! used for Death's cotton candy treat.

-- Kid with burst balloon
- Premo! and EZ Shape modeling clay used for body and burst balloon pieces. Thread used for burst balloon string.

-- Bunnies
- EZ Shape modeling clay used for bodies and ears.

-- Ground Base
- Container box cut and used for base. Cut foam pad into thin sheets for grass sections. Cut craft sticks for grass borders.

Originally had planned to make a scaled-down version of the carousel from Something Wicked This Way Comes. Later on decided to go for a humorous approach - while waiting for the Apocalypse to start, the Four Horsemen decide to go for a ride.