Dream Portal

   by Laurie McAleenan for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Using the mystery build box and the canvas board I created a bedroom diorama. From the box I used; shrinky dink (window), brochure paper (lamp shade), dowel (lamp post), wooden piece (lamp base, canvas bag (bed spread), burlap (rug), foam (bed mattress), mini canvas board cut in half (bed support), square dowel (bed legs), popsicle sticks (head and foot board), craft foam (window frames, book spine and flower window box), wire (curtain hanger and boy structure), mystery build box pieces (viking ship), clay (dinosaur, dog, flowers and boy), wooden egg (dinosaur egg), paper backing from shrinky dink (book pages and cover).

The inspiration for this piece came from dynamic conversations with my children. The inquisitive and creative stories and ideas laid the foundation for this piece to show a boy, who has been reading a variety of books, is shocked to see a dinosaur and viking ship entering his room through a portal. His dream is so vivid it actually seems to be happening.