"Early to Bed, Early to Rise"

   by Shannon Richardson for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Base-container box, paint
Waking farmer in bed-Wooded egg head, burlap hair, wire armature, cardboard bed with foam, pillow with bag and foam, quilt of bag and ink stamps, clay for body
tiffany lamp-small wooden half circle, dowel, wood block, clay base and bag doily
rooster-clay and wire
sunrise window-shrinky dink, cardboard on art board wall
Farm wife with egg basket- wire armature, marble head, cotton hair, clay body, bag for skirt and apron against cardboard wall with shrinky dink stained glass window, floor of popsicle sticks
Oven of wood brick and cardboard doors with wire handles, egg skillet and coffee pot of clay.
Kitty is on a rug of threads pulled from the burlap, kitty is clay with cotton tail
fence-popsicle sticks
Clothes line is bag string and the foam fabric.
Tree base is made of pulled apart cardboard with base of clay, foliage was made by cutting the foam pad into small pieces then using the string to tie it together and by cutting slits into the foam it made this great texture, i then added leaves made from extra paper painted green from the instruction page.
tire swing-rope from bag and round wooden circle
bunnies, ducks and ducklings are clay.
horse-clay over wire armature and burlap hair
hay bale-burlap over square foam
whisky barrel-small wooden barrel shape thing
fire-clay base, foam fabric and metallic strip
porch-popsical sticks, wooden dowels, art board back drop with cardboard door
rocking chair-metal armature with burlap
sundial-wooden circle, dial is from cardboard, with glue stiffened string to have raised numbers and detail

I live on a very small urban farm with my fiance, 4 hens, 1 rooster, 1 kitty and 1 pug along with a huge vegetable garden. in considering the theme "somewhere in time" i thought about the amount of time and labor of love it is to manage our homestead. Then I considered the life of the "real" farmer, and the saying "early to bed, early to rise" and thought about the sun dial as a way to show time passing each day. The sun dial works in this piece and goes from the beginning of the day, around five AM when the rooster crows, waking up, making coffee and eggs for breakfast, then progresses into chores and day time. Finally moving into evening where he returns home, lights a campfire, has some whiskey and the animals go to bed also.

You guys are amazing! I am primarily a studio painter, working full time as an artist, i look forward to this challenge every year as it tickles a part of my brain i dont usually use. As my sweetie said "its the Migiver of art projects"