by LylaClare Kosbucki and LylaClare Kosobucki, and Kalina Kelley for Somewhere in Time (2015)

We built this project through finding ways to use simple materials in the box, including the box itself, to create complex designs you initially would not think to use to create a project. The clay came in handy when making the small man and seats in the theater; the wood came in use for making signs and the stage in the theater. Whereas the reflective mirror and cotton balls came in good use for the night sky clouds and moon. The papers and small canvas were used to create the setting, and the bag was used as the curtains and edging of the theater stage.

In creating our project we thought about what makes somewhere, a time, special or important- it's when you enter it. Off that, we created a project where little guy, Jerry, time travels through the clock and enters an important time in the 20's, an area where theater was a vital production activity.