Eternal Tears

   by Gina Stratton for Somewhere in Time (2015)

The first thing I did was start creating the monument from the two wood blocks. I used my Dremel and made the initial shape and texture. I cut the Balsa-foam block to add another layer and used the small canvas for the bottom of the monument. I saved the sawdust and shavings to use later. I then cut two of the square hardwood strips and cut eight smaller pieces to use as adornment to the monument. The cross was also cut from the larger square wood strip and assembled with glue. I also cut four small pieces from the smaller round dowel to use for the corner trim. I took the Premo! and using a piece of antique cabinet hardware as a mold, formed the round adornment, baked it and attached it. Using acrylic paint in the colors of grey, white, silver and black I speckled the piece to give the appearance of aged granite. I put a thin coat of ModPodge on the finished monument.
To make the flower urn I used the wood mini barrel. I used my Dremel to create more detail and painted it to match the monument. I glued the three wood pieces together and painted it to match the stone. I disassembled the burlap and used glue to harden the stems for the vase.
To make the base of the project I used the round plywood disc. I painted a base color of green. I then took some of the sawdust and shavings and sprinkled it on the wet paint. I then used a paintbrush and applied more paint over the shavings and mixed it on the plywood disc to simulate grass. Using some yellow and black mixed with the original green paint I applied more paint to add variation.
Now for the angel.
I disassembled the MysteryBuild box by separating the label from the cardboard and then separating the corrugated and flat pieces. I made a stencil in the shape of a wing and cut two from the corrugated cardboard. I then cut numerous smaller pieces and glued them to the wing in a feather pattern. I applied a few layers of ModPodge to fill in gaps.
For her arms I cut the larger round dowel stick and glued the pieces together. I used the Dremel to round her elbows and hands. I then painted them white.
For her head I took the small square block and using the Dremel rounded the edges. I then began gluing strips of burlap to the cube for hair. Just for something extra I took a few strands of the burlap and made a braid for her hair. With the wood ring I used the Dremel and added detail to the ring and this was used as her halo.
I used the foam sheet and cut it into the shape for her body and glued this to the monument. I cut up the cloth bag and secured it to the foam to make her gown. I then used the rope from the cloth bag and made her a belt. Lastly, I attached her wings with glue.
I am very pleased with the end result. I truly enjoyed this project and look forward to doing this again next year.

The ‘Weeping Angel’ at Glenwood Cemetery in Houston, Texas.
I was inspired by a photo I had taken on one of my visits to Glenwood Cemetery, “Houston’s Silent Garden”. Among the rolling hills and beneath the canopy of century-old oak trees are the final resting places of people whom I have come to think of as friends I never met. Among those resting here are 4 Governors, 20 Mayors as well as countless Founders of Houston. Also resting here are Howard Hughes and actress Gene Tierney. I like to read and reread the historical markers that line the streets and imagine what it must have been like to exist during their lives. There is an unexplainable peacefulness I find here.