"Everything is Somewhere in Time"

   by MINDY TIMM for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I used approximately 75% of the contents of the kit. Most of the figures I hand-molded using the modeling clay, which I then painted and varnished. In addition to modeling clay, most items also incorporated other materials, such as: Dragonfly Clock (fabric bag, shrink film, wooden pieces, cardboard from box), Small Dragonfly (clothespin spring, Premo cellophane wrapper), Camera/Binoculars/Hourglass (shrink film, styrofoam bits, craft sticks, foam), Butterfly (foam sheet, clothespin half), Open Door (cardboard from box, fabric bag hinges), Mirror (cardboard mirror), Catepillar (thread from bobbin for legs), Alarm Clock (paper from shrink film, burlap strand, cardboard box wings), Steps (cardboard from modeling clay box, bits of craft sticks for support), and the gulls in the sky are bent bits of broken craft sticks. As far as actual "tools," I used my hands (A LOT), paintbrushes, scissors, wire cutters, a hole-punch and a needle - nothing fancy. A variety of liquids were used: acrylic paints, E6000 and Elmer's glue and a water-based sealer/varnish.

I wanted to create a functional piece of art that blended natural aspects of time with man-made representations of time-keeping/capturing, in a dreamy, surrealistic setting. The focal point of this piece is a fully-functioning sundial that is also adjustable to season by raising or lowering the aluminum supports which attach the face of the sundial to its pedestal. The size of each element in the piece is deliberately and wildly disproportionate to create the feeling of a timeless, peaceful place where EVERYTHING is Somewhere in Time.

Please excuse the overwhelming watermark on my "work-in-progress" video. I am a freelance artist/designer who has just survived another Phoenix summer and needed to use the "free" version of the video editing software. This was my first Mystery Build and it was BEYOND fun! It was a huge challenge creatively and I can't WAIT to do it again next year :)