Father Time

   by Natalie Mitchell for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I started with a balloon; I used the included papers to Paper Mache on the balloon. The balloon was then popped and removed. This gave me the base for the hot air balloon where father time would sit. I used the Popsicle sticks and cardboard from the box lid to create the basket where father time sits. Both the sticks and the cardboard were dyed using instant coffee and pieces of metal in water. I added the instant coffee and let the metal rust in the water to create a stain. The metal was then removed. I used this same method to stain all of my wood in the project. A Dremel was used to cut and sand all wood. Father time was built using clay, cotton, and the included bag cut up and dyed. The hour glass was made using clay and stained wood pieces. The burlap cloth was used to create the net over the hot air balloon, the ropes, and the clothing and hair for the people. The base under the hot air balloon is the circle piece of wood spray painted black.
Most everything in the 50's section was created using clay and the fun foam. I did use the metal wire around the bar and dowels for the stools. I used the fabric bag for the curtains. The tile floor is also made using clay. The walls were spray painted white and decorated with sharpies.
In the renaissance area the chairs are made from Popsicle sticks and cardboard. The barrel that was included was added to this scene after being painted. I used the included canvas for the floor. The walls were created using the foam which was cut up, torn, and spray painted to create stone. The stained glass is the shrinky dink plastic which was colored with sharpies and outlined with clay. The relief mural on the wall was created using the balsa foam. The doors are cardboard which was painted and clay for accents.
The prehistoric area uses the balsa foam which has been shaved off for sand. The trees use both dyed dowels and Popsicle sticks held together with hot glue. The sky has been spray painted. The cave uses the foam which has been spray painted. I also included the bowl in this scene.
In the future area the shrink dink plastic surrounds the floor which was made using the included mirror cardboard. The furniture is spray painted foam on the included metal which was twisted into springs. The decorations use both the metal wire and the metal clip which attached the clothes pin together. Inside you will also find shaved white foam from the hard white foam circles. The entire scene sits on the small white foam circle. The background space scene is created using spray paint.
The entire scene sits upon the bottom of the box which contained all the items which has been spray painted black. The walls of the structure are the lid of the box. All characters were created using clay. Some are dressed in clothes made from the included bag which was then colored. Some are dressed in pieces from the burlap and others use plastic from around the canvas or metal from the metal spool which was hammered to flatten. All items were glued using hot glue.

I was inspired by father time. He sits in a hot air balloon while characters from the portrayed time periods climb down into different time periods. I wanted to show a variety of time periods starting from the beginning of time (cavemen) to the futuristic time period. I chose two time periods in between (50's and renaissance). I struggled a bit with the theme and first had a notion to begin with a time machine, but wanted to go with a different approach. I started researching time and time eras and that is when I had a thought to begin with father time. The scene lends itself to the thought of time travel as the different characters climb down the ropes to other eras.