Gathering Time

   by Donna Shotwell for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I used the plywood disc as the base which is covered by sand made from sawdust from the wood and sanding from the Balsa-Foam. The TARDIS was made from the large wood block, aluminum wire, a craft stick, and the Balsa-Foam block. The hot-tub was made from the large styrofoam disc, craft sticks, the rubber band the craft sticks were wrapped in, the wrappers off the clay, and the rope from the cloth bag. The phone booth was made from hardwood strips, film sheet, foam sheet, craft sticks, strands from the burlap; the phone is Balsa-Foam and clay. The Ocarina is clay. The figure of Chronos is the clothespin, wood egg, clay, aluminum wire, and thread. His to-do list is from the paper.

Time travel. The ability to go anywhere in time and how that travel could interfere with the flow.