H.G. Wells

   by Patricia Moore for Somewhere in Time (2015)

For the Time Machine I used the small canvas for the base, aluminum coil for frame, Sculpey for the feet, medallions, decorations, lights, beads, coils on engine, wrapped around cardboard scraps from the "build" box, wrapped around wooden barrel for control panel, time panel, Wells' shoes and hands. A piece of the wooden block for the engine rest. Shiny circle cut down for disk, strips of wood ripped, cut and steamed to go on the front of the disk. Chair made from balsa foam sliced in half, carved - with a piece of the clothes pin wire to attach head rest to chair. Lever made with plastic bar as is the base of the control panel lights and shelves holding bottles on shelf. Wall with brick and blacked out windows is a 6x9 canvas. Clear window wall is shrink plastic instruction paper with popsicle stick supports and clear plastic from small canvas. "Build" box was used for "dirt" floor and cave, with brick/cave wall that swings open is the "build" instruction page. Corner cabinet from scraps of "build" box and some of the 6x2 wood block slices. Shelf, bench, flower stalks, some of Filby's store used slices of the wood block. Thin foam is used for planters and Dept. store sign. Shrink plastic for mannequins, vase/stands in window, store lights on door, and glass bottles on shelf. Sculpey used for "metal" parts of sewing machine, door handle and light fixtures on door. Wood slices used for wooden sewing machine. Small foam disk for mannequin stand, larger disk for H.G.Wells' torso, planter dirt and topiary. Bobbin of thread used to wrap time machine frame and dyed to be rebar over planter boxes. Box of clay was used for flowers, ferns, planter box plants, Wells' hair, nose, ears, mouth and flower pots. Fabric from muslin sack was used for Wells' suit, plant leaves, mannequin window curtain, sewing machine fabric and scalloped curtains in windows. Paper was used for cement under store, sewing machine window curtain. "Build" box scraps for brick wall surrounding store. Stick and rubber band to keep Morlocks hidden. Dowel and beehive wood to turn mannequins. Wooden stick as curtain rod. Wooden piece as a bowl on shelf, wooden block as box on shelf, and wooden acorn as Wells' head - sanded a bit smaller. Thick soft foam for Morlocks with cotton for hair, burlap for loin cloth. Aluminum coil for armature in Morlocks, Wells, stalks for plants and topiary. Checkered floor is cardstock then glued to it for strength when pulled away is the peeled off lid of "build" box. Store windows, store roof and handle to window wall in workshop are shrink plastic instructions. I used a dremel for sanding, shaping, slicing wood. I steamed some wood to curve it for the disk using a small iron. I used exacto type blades for cutting a lot of the wood. I had sliced the wood block into strips, it was very helpful to be planks of wood. For medallions I stamped Sculpey with silicone stamp to make a design. I used the oven for baking Sculpey and shrink plastic. I also used a heat gun to shrink the plastic bottles

The inspiration was the 1960 version of H.G. Wells Time Machine. I chose this by a process of writing down options...inside a clock, etc... along with Time Machine. I have always liked this movie, and after looking inside the box and seeing the cotton balls I knew I could make Morlocks!

I wanted my project to have several elements: The sunroom/workshop, the store and a hidden element of the Morlocks. When I thought to make this I very much wanted to have the mannequins change in time. I saw the shrink plastic and knew I could make it happen. I had a lot of fun making this project. I hope you like it.