H.G.'s Hot Tub

   by Jenny Bittner for Somewhere in Time (2015)

In the creation of my finished piece I began with the larger basswood block to create the chair of the H.G. Wells time machine. This was carved using a combination of a band saw, Dremel rotatory saw, and hand carving techniques. The chair was then completed using the white EZ shape modeling clay that I later painted to create the effect of the chair’s upholstery. The rest of the time machine was made from the aluminum wire, wood mini barrel, Balsa-Foam block, Soho painting board, wooden dowel, wood beehive, brown EZ shape modeling clay, cardboard mirror and with paint and hot glue.
The hot tube time machine began with the cutting of the smaller basswood block into small strips and glued around the larger of the two Styrofoam discs. The top of the hot tub was created with Popsicle sticks, the smaller Styrofoam disc, cotton ball and with paint and hot glue.
The stand is made from the plywood disc which is painted and mounted on top of the wood mini bowl with the round dowel.

The theme “Somewhere in Time” lent itself to the idea of the time machine. The time machine is a theme that explores not only history but the future as well. The idea of time travel have reached from the literary work of H.G. Wells to movies such as “Back to the Future” and “Hot Tub time machine”. I chose to pair the H.G. Wells time machine to the hot tub time machine as a diptych not only in iconic time travel imagery, but as a comparison between the histories of the era’s ideas in time travel.