How would you color your life?

   by Sunah Shim for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I mostly used the heat glue and the normal glue to attach materials together. Acrylic colors are used to color the objects. I deconstructed the threat net, cutting into pieces in different lengths to make them as abundant, tall trees around and under the cliff in my project.

My project was mainly inspired by my current unstable and confusing, but passionate and desirable life. I made this so that anyone can substitute their lives on my project. There are three different time periods created upon my project; past, present, and future. In the 'past', everything is colored with either white or black, representing both good and bad memories of ourselves. A white egg on the top of black wooden block is a birth of human. Numbers, in flabby Romans characters, are laying down or standing on and off the blocks (inspired by Salvador Dali's painting: "The Persistence of Memory"); their figures also pictured the bones of human. They are unorganized, with no particular order, just like there are no orders when we think back to our memories. The white thread is extended and tangled all over the 'past' area to show the confusion, difficulties of life, with the fact that time cannot be neither ceased nor controlled by human power. One coil shows the connection of birth from the egg, to the present clock, and the other coil is in figure of a heart-beat. The 'present' is created with the 'TIME' clock with a cracked mirror in the middle. There is a bicycle on the edge of it, to show the present progressiveness of life. Towards the 'future' side, the clock is colored with three primary colors, meaning that we can create and color our lives as the way we want to, just like how we paint on a blank canvas. There is an inclined cliff in the 'future', as a life long journey. Numbers in the 'future' side are organized unlike those in the 'past' to show the importance of time. There are every numbers from one to twelve, just like the normal clocks.

We live in time, and we are surrounded by it. Sometimes, time seems to control our lives, but eventually, you are the one who create your life.