In My Day

   by Dinah Pierotti and Caroline Pierotti for Somewhere in Time (2015)

-To make all of the cats I used the modeling clay (black, white, and green), and shaped them with fingertips and a toothpick.
-For any staining (wood block and fibrous 'cat hammock') I used TAZO passion tea and chai tea, and painted it on with a paint brush. It was a very vibrant color for about a week, then it started fading to the state one sees in the picture.
-Ship scene: Twisted the wire into the relative form of a ship, twisting the excess into a circular shape on the side. Made the sea and shore from modeling clay on the instruction sheet included in the box and kneaded the clay onto the paper until satisfied with the pattern. Then I took some brown modeling clay and kneaded it flat-ish then attached. To make the tattered sail I used the kneading method to flatten the clay until it got too thin and started to tear on its own, then draped it over the T.
-For the cat in the vines I used the foamy circles and roughly rounded the edges with a nail file, and poked a dowel through both tears and filled the holes in with clay, then smeared green modeling clay over the surface to make a greenery appearance, then rolled the brown clay into tubes of varying circumferences and placed them on the structure. I then made the flower out of blue clay.
- For the kitten near the box, I took the orange rectangular material and scratched at it until there was a rough rectangular square full of powder. On the thick white surface I took clay (brown then white) and smeared it around my hands to make the outline.
-For the cat in the hammock, I used the net-like material and cut a square out of it, then wrapped it around foam and threaded a loose fiber through the side and a middle rung then tied. The edges were dipped in the Passion tea. For the outer edge I cut a rectangle and tied the sides. Painted the wood block with passion tea as well as the wood circle used as the base and the popsicle stick. A smudge of green modeling clay for the vine attachment.
-For the Black and white cat's standing surface I used the canvas base and painted it with passion tea (turned out blue on the canvas) and chai tea to make the design. Then It was propped over a small ball of brown modeling clay and I placed the gold band underneath and all rested upon the smaller wood block. This then lay on a raft-ish scrappy structure of a darker brown wood craft stick broken in half and stuck to some popsicle sticks with modeling clay.
-Cardboard box time machine: was made out of cardboard from the box the project was mailed in. I cut a design out of it, then suck the sides together with scrapbooking glue, and reinforced the inside with black modeling clay and white smudges to create a more whimsical atmosphere. Put it over the silver reflective circle, and shaped the words on the side out of white modeling clay with my fingertips and a toothpick.

Finishing touches were placing the clear shrink film sheet in between the 'time machine' and the rest and arranging them as I liked.

When I was small my best friend and I would play fantastical games. We would make up our characters and play out whole stories making up realms and lives within our heads. Of course we would lose track of time, and when we were even younger, we didn't know how to tell time at all. Another thing this theme reminded me of is when I focus intently on something, a project or a paper maybe, and this in turns causes me to completely abandon comprehension of time. Which finally reminded me of memories. Whenever I remember something and picture it in my head there is no time frame attached. Of course there are time signifiers, like the outdoor light, but for the most part it's just a floating picture, something that happened and existed, but got lost in time and is no longer happening with my movement. This is why In My Day supposedly shows the same cat (with the white smudge on its shoulder) going through time. A barrier separating the memories from the actual feeling of the present.

The hardest part of this project was taking the photo. I couldn't get the focus right, so I opted to show it in a slide show. I hope that this option works well for viewers.