In a time when Heroes and Villians Collid

   by Ian Jones for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I used a little bit of each material that came in the box, including the box. The box was unfolded and used as the base for the scene. Wire and some of the wooden sticks and miscellaneous objects were used to create the characters before covering them in clay. I cut the bag and used the fabric for clothing for Cyborg George Washington, the giant, Odysseus, King George the Third, and his robotic lion. The foam was cut up and used as snow and the dirt and rocks throughout the project. It was also used as the presents the Grinch with the artificial heart he installed so that his real heart could always remain cold, keeping him evil. The rope was used as a part of the clothing on the giant, the tree the Grinch owned, the detonation cord from the Joker's detonator to his box of explosives. It was also used to create the staff the wizard is wielding, and the mythical tree standing behind him. Finally it was used for dead grass around the street's of Gotham, and the cliffs between the giant and Odysseus. The cotton ball was used for the beard and hair on Santa, Odysseus, King George the Third, the wizard, the fire coming from the wizard's hand, the Joker's hair, and finally the bat symbol flying in the clouds. The wooden blocks were used as the buildings and the support underneath the cliffs and the ice block Santa is standing on. The wings on the dragon were made out of the Mystery Build sticker found on the outside of the box. I used random pieces from within the box to accomplish a few more of the objects and forms in the scene, making sure I used at least a little bit of everything.

I thought it would be cool to create a scene depicting the moments before an epic battle between heroes and villains. I wanted to include a classic duo in the Giant versus Odysseus, a mythical pairing between a dragon climbing his way out of the underworld, and a wizard with books, a staff, and some designer rugs. The children's heroe and villain had to be the Grinch and Santa. Santa owns the North Pole Chopper parked in front of him too. The next two were abstract. George Washington as a cyborg and King George the Third of Britain, also as a cyborg. These two are equipped with modern weapons, but wanted to maintain the classic appearance. Finally, the last two are really a modern heroe and villain combo. Batman versus the Joker. Batman won't kill the Joker, but he better be able to quickly reach him to prevent the detonation of his explosives. Both side had its strengths and weaknesses, so it's up to you to decide who wins.