It's Tea Time Somewhere

   by DeAnna Jackson for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Hi, my name is DeAnna Jackson. I am a 52 year old, homeschooling mom. I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren.
Being creative is my favorite way to spend my spare time. Love to try new things along with vintage crafts that are nearly forgotten.
Several years ago I rented a booth, created, and sold painted furniture and shabby cottage home decor.
It was a lot of fun but required more time that I had to give so I moved on to other creative outlets.
My husband and I build furniture using shutters and swing doors. I also find great satisfaction from finding old unwanted things that I can re-purpose to create something new and useful.
I also like to sculpt and have been known to sell my sculptures on Ebay. A lot of which were sculptures of mice, fairies, and other small critters.
I also dabble with quilting, wood carving, jewelry making, cake decorating, writing, creating doll house miniatures, and pretty much any other craft you can imagine, with one exclusion...scrapbooking! Just don't find it terribly exciting.

When I heard about the Mystery Build project I thought it sounded super fun. I love a creative challenge.
When I received my box of treasures and the project theme " Somewhere in Time" I immediately envisioned a clock with mice inside. The tea house idea soon followed because my daughters and I are planning to open a tea house of our own in 2016.
I am crazy about miniatures and can remember imagining and drawing pictures of mouse houses inside walls or trees when I was a child. So this project is all the things that I enjoy all rolled into one small mantel clock. I had a blast creating it, from start to finish.
The name of my project is " It's Tea Time Somewhere"
If you creep up ever so slowly and quietly to the vintage clock on the mantel you can get a peek at the world inside. Just don't let Ms. Pearl the house cat catch you 'cause she might want a peek for herself.