Land before chaos

   by Skye Ellison and Rachel tucker for Somewhere in Time (2015)

we started with evaluating each item in the box and see how we can use each in the project. We started with making the ground with a mix of the green and white clay in order to have and base of earth with brighter shades before pollution of modern time. then we started to form a rail made out of the wire and form the sun and moon out of the Styrofoam and toothpicks. then painted each object yellow and white, then form each animal out of the clay to provide a sense of life beyond planets and insects. each planet was created out the clay and painted on some to provide a more mix of color. The box itself was painted on the sides with a mixture of brown hues in-order to give a sense of underground and depth.

peaceful life versus the chaos of modern day time my partner was the one who came up with 90 percent of the idea of the project and I just followed along after putting the sun and moon into the project is where my idea ended. Once we decided to do what to do it all came together.

just bit more clay in order to form more animals and insects.