Life form - Before the emergence of human kind

   by Yoko Lea for Somewhere in Time (2015)

Cut up the ammonites' shape out of a circle plywood disk.
Cut up two Styrofoam disks and a wood mini barrel, and glued them onto the plywood.
Cover them with EZ Shape clay.
Cut and bend the aluminum wires to make the ribs.
Cut the strings of the burlap and tied them onto the wires to create the knuckles of the shell.
Cover them again with EZ Shape clay.
Cut and bended the aluminum wires to make the head and tentacles, and tied them with the strings of the burlap.
Used the steel ball as an eye, then covered them with EZ shape clay.
Shaped the Balsa-Foam block as the helmet and painted it.
Attached the head part and the helmet to the shell body.
Cut up the Mystery Build box to make the glass tank, and painted the back ground.
Made shapes of the leftover Balsa-Foam block to make rocks.
Glued the powders and pieces of the Balsa-Foam blocks to the Soho painting board.
Sprayed it to look like a sandy soil.
Cut up the Soho painting board to fit the glass's case size.
Used the paper as tape to tape painting board pieces together.
Cut, glued, shaped and colored form pad to made a rock.
Attached the rock to the glass tank's back ground.
Used square hardwood strips to support the corners of the tank.
Glued the shrink film sheet as a glass surface.

When I hear the theme, "Somewhere in Time," I wanted to go back to the time beyond human existence. The earth has 45 hundred million years of history. On the other hand, homo sapiens has only 100,000 years of history, and that is less than 1% of the earth's history. I imagine that the condition of this planet is the worst because of this human existence. I wanted to create the encounter of the nature of the earth and human kind. If we, human kind, found the alive ammonites in this time period, I think they'd be put it in an aquarium and research or examine it. For what? To know how it survived, or to know the physical structure of an ammonites? And then, what? That was my inspiration of this project.