Living through the Apocalypse

   by Ian Jones for Somewhere in Time (2015)

I used the wire, cardboard box, and wooden blocks to create the cliff structure. I also used the wire and cardboard to create the survivor, and both monsters. Then I covered the monsters with clay and used a little on the face and hands of the man. I used the foam to create the dirt and rocks the cliff is made out of. Rope was used for the chain on the locket, the headgear on the survivor's helmet, and for grass on the cliff. The skull and mask was also created using cardboard, wire, and clay. The reflective piece was used on the mask as well.

This apocalyptic scene is showing a lone survivor perched on a cliff surrounded by monsters and pure evil. How the world fell is up to speculation, but radiation most likely played a part in created the beasts. The top monster, pierced by stake through its tentacle is morphing out of the cliff, also representing radiation and mutation. The survivor sits looking at a locket that holds a cherished memory of someone he loves, but knows is gone forever. He may see the monster below him crawling out of the ground, or may be oblivious. Either way he's questioning his reasoning for staying alive.